About Us

Very Relaxed is collaborative art brand with limited high quality drops of: zines, stickers, prints, home & body goods, music, clothes & accessories.

It was started by Brooklyn bred and Oakland based artist/musician Mike Richardson (aka Fresh Daily) as a branded launchpad for creative endeavors & collaborations of the highest quality.

The name of the brand "Very Relaxed" comes from Fresh's ideology of remaining positive, chill and even-keeled in a world that seemingly works overtime against you.

In staying sane, focused and relaxed, a personal zen can be achieved allowing one to maximize potential.

Embracing your quirks, your creativity and individuality and damn whoever don't like it because you LOVE it is the most free & relaxed one can be, yes?


Be water, my friends. If you've got any questions shoot them over to us at info@veryrelaxed.co