FAM SINCE WAY BACK: Interview with Photographer/Illustrator Joonbug

by Michael Richardson

I'm blessed to have artistic, creative, awesome folks as my friends. Joonbug's one of those people that came into my life at the right time. We met in 2010 or 2011 at SXSW & just vibed on the talent and mutual respect. He's one of my favorite visual artists in the world and I admire his daily practise and artistic output. The universe connected us once again later in life and we both live in the same town now. This isn't our first collaboration and it won't be our last.  
photos courtesy of Fela, Musa Lamar Bey, F. Daily.
illustration by Fresh Daily.
Whaahgwan, star? Who are you?
A yaaahdman! I’m Joonbug, a multidisciplinary artist living in Oakland, Bay Area. My Jamaican roots largely influence the voice in my style, a mix of rhythm, soul and character. 

What camera(s) did you use for this shoot?
I used My Rolleicord Twin Lens reflex, a medium format similar to the Rolleiflex TLR, and my Leicaflex 35mm. I shot Portra 800, because I knew we’d be shooting indoors we needed more sensitive film.



Favorite part of the Very Relaxed shoot?
Spending the day with my homies helping bring his vision to life was all love from the jump. Our collective energy in the outdoors felt refreshing in these times.



Favorite Very Relaxed colorway/product?
Honestly, I was playing it safe at first with the navy/cream color way but then the Orange and I locked eyes and we’ve been in love ever since, the oversized orange beanie and heather grey/orange hoodie is a staple fit now. 



How do you stay Very Relaxed?
Walking, I love walking, it’s one of my most natural choices and when I have my camera(s) i’ve definitely racked up 25k+ steps, haha. 



Where can we find more of your work?
Okay, ready?—My website, http://bugs87.com and you can sign up for my newsletter. For original works, part2gallery.com and I have prints with http://www.tinysplendor.com and http://www.sunnighteditions.com.

I’m mainly on instagram, my main three are: