PreOrder: Very Relaxed Incense Holder (w/ incense & lighter)


Look at you, getting nice stuff for your place! You deserve it of course! Our incense holder is made of walnut wood & brass for a clean, elegant aesthetic for your home decor. The ash falls into the catcher, with a strong plume that quickly fills your space with aroma. Be sure to not light the incense vertically (upside down) while in the holder to avoid a large flame.

Avoid humid areas, since brass will tarnish with moisture, so clean with a DRY cloth.

Each incense holder comes with:

  • Rubber ash Mat
  • Small Incense ash brush
  • 10 Very Relaxed Chandan Masala Sandalwood Incense sticks
  • Very Relaxed branded lighter.

This Pre-order ships in 2 weeks.

All sales final.
No refunds or exchanges.